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Opening Un/Masked by Elizaveta Porodina

Free public opening

Woman in a green blouse with her hands in front of her face.

Opening on 25 April 2024, Elizaveta Porodina’s new exhibition, Un/Masked, invites us to peer behind the masks, holding up a mirror to ourselves. Her abstract and surrealist photographs, in the interplay of light, color, and shadow, also reflect her inner world.

In Un/Masked, Porodina invites us to reflect on human nature. As a trained clinical psychologist, she is intrigued by emotion-driven behavior. She sees her art as an experiment, blending contradictory elements. At its core are people, each their own universe yearning to connect with others.

Psychologist Lili Vásquez Mock will engage in a discussion with the artist during the opening night.

Lili Vásquez Mock

Psychologist, Coach, Holotropic Breathwork Facilitator, Consultant

Woman with brown hait and a red jacket.

Lili, hailing from Colombia, is not just a psychologist, but a seeker of wisdom in different healing modalities across continents. Over the past 23 years, she delved into diverse methods to reach none ordinary states of consciousness while immersing herself in the rich cultures of Asia, Germany, and Switzerland.

Lili's quest for knowledge led her to the esteemed Dr. Stanislav Grof, who led her own personal inner journey, with whom she studied directly to the point to also collaborated in some of his workshops in Europe.

But Lili's exploration didn't end there. For over two decades, she has nurtured a profound interest in indigenous healing modalities, particularly those intertwined with sacred plants - Entheogens. Immersed in the wisdom of different indigenous tribes, she witnessed firsthand the remarkable efficacy of these ancient practices, especially in addressing issues like addiction and trauma.

Back in her homeland, Lili spearheaded an initiative focused on Medical Cannabis, aiming to provide top-quality products to alleviate medical conditions for patients in need. She is part of a faculty an Augmented Psychotherapy Training in Berlin, a professional training for medical doctors, psychotherapists to become a psychedelic therapist, where she teaches non-pharmacological methods to induce none ordinary states of consciousness.

Lili extends her passion for supporting the healing process of others, offering a diverse array of workshops all over Europe and personalized sessions at her praxis in Berlin. Guided by a deep reverence for nature, animals, and the collective consciousness, she invites all seekers to embark on their own journey of transformation alongside her.