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Anne Lass

Triple Seven

A slot machine in front of a picture of an eagle.
© Anne Lass, VG Bild-Kunst, Bonn 2024

Berlin has undergone remarkable transformations since the 2010s. Walking through its streets, you'll see freshly painted facades, some buildings completely vanished, and new constructions standing tall. In Triple Seven, Anne Lass works with still life and portraits to track down gambling halls in Berlin, which are often a closed universe in themselves, and have now mostly disappeared.

While her original interest revolved around money, luck and hope, the meaning of her images has since evolved. Her playful, poetic color photographs, taken between 2011 and 2014, capture now-vanished places that provoke a nostalgic reflection on the past. By stopping to observe and document these hidden spaces, she reminds you of the value of being present and taking stock of change – showing the importance of knowing your past for understanding your present. In 2023, Lass noticed that those places had disappeared and resumed her project with photographs of the facades of these buildings. In this way, she inspires curiosity to see the city from new perspectives, and humility before the change that surrounds us.

About the Artist

Anne Lass (born 1978, Schleswig, Germany) is a Danish-German photographer. After studying communication design with a focus on documentary photography and graduating under Prof. Jörg Sasse at Folkwang University of the Arts in Essen, she has exhibited her work nationally and internationally. In her artistic work, she is interested in urban cityscapes, contrasts and traces of human interaction, and their influence on the environment.


The exhibition is curated by Marina Paulenka, Director of Exhibitions, and Marie-Luise Mayer, Exhibitions Associate and Project Lead for Emerging Berlin. This exhibition is in partnership with photography print partner WhiteWall.

Media Partner

Logos The Berliner und tipBerlin

This exhibition has been curated as part of Emerging Berlin - our talent program for upcoming artists, showcasing unique Berlin stories.

Emerging Berlin

Our talent program for upcoming artists, showcasing unique Berlin stories.

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Emerging Berlin lettering in white on a black background.

Until 15 Sept 2024

Andy Warhol

After the Party

Who are you when the party is over? When you stop trying to impress others, dare to be vulnerable and seen for who you really are? After The Party reveals a different side to Andy Warhol; an individual longing to belong, captured through his camera lens.

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Portrait of Andy Warhol wearing a blonde wig, looking into the camera.


Until 6 Oct 2024

Josèfa Ntjam

Futuristic Ancestry: Warping Matter and Space-time(s)

What are the stories that shape your perception of the world and yourself? How can we create alternative narratives within our communities to mobilize change? In Futuristic Ancestry, artist Josèfa Ntjam explores collective histories, as well as her own memories, to deconstruct these dominant narratives and uncover a new, liberated future.

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A collage of microscopic images of microorganisms in green and purple colors, superimposed over a photograph of a woman.

Until 18 Aug 2024

Elizaveta Porodina


In Un/Masked, artist Elizaveta Porodina invites us to peer behind our masks, holding up a mirror to ourselves. Her abstract and surrealist photographs, in the interplay of light, color, and shadow, also reflect her inner world.

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Woman in a green blouse with her hands in front of her face.

Until 15 Sept 2024

Joanna Dudley


How much of life is determined by what you have been told is possible? What does it take to break free and forge your own path? In WE WILL SLAM YOU WITH OUR WINGS, Joanna Dudley presents a transformative narrative.

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Girl with red hair shouting.