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Omar Victor Diop

A man wearing a red suit, standing confidently.
Omar Victor Diop, Ministry of Labour and National Service, Liverpool: 1949 (2019) © Omar Victor Diop. Commissioned by Autograph

The Senegalese visual artist Omar Victor Diop presents three distinct yet interconnected emblematic bodies of work at Fotografiska Berlin: Allegoria, Diaspora, and Liberty.

About the exhibition

Combining photography with other art forms, Diop uses self-portraiture as a means to highlight Black history that is often overlooked by a Euro-centric society. He depicts the complexity of representational politics with dramatic, colorful, and eye-opening visuals that demand the attention of the viewer. By centering himself as the main protagonist of these works, Diop asks the audience to imagine a more just, and more accurate, depiction of our shared global history.

A man in black clothing and a red hat holding a bird against a green background.
Omar Victor Diop, Allegoria 1 (2021) © Omar Victor Diop. Commissioned by Autograph.
A man in traditional attire holding a red card and a whistle on the other hand.
Omar Victor Diop, Albert Badin 1747-1822 (2021) © Omar Victor Diop. Commissioned by Autograph.

Diaspora (2014) draws inspiration from 15th to 19th century Western portraits depicting a diverse constituency of Black figures who had risen to high social status at the time; Liberty (2017), subtitled A Universal Chronology of Black Protest, reinterprets significant moments of historical revolt associated with the struggle for Black freedom; and Allegoria (2021), which imaginatively addresses the climate crisis and its impact on the Global South and especially the African continent.

The Omar Victor Diop exhibition is based on a 2018 exhibition by Autograph, originally presented in London (co-curated by Renée Mussai and Mark Sealy), this touring iteration for Fotografiska is curated by Renée Mussai and reflects the accompanying monograph Omar Victor Diop (5 Continents Editions, 2021).

2 Feb 2024 — 12 May 2024

Miles Aldridge

Virgin Mary. Supermarkets. Popcorn. Photographs 1999-2020

British photography legend Miles Aldridge has made a long and illustrious career out of pulling the veil off of society's conventions. Now, his retrospective Virgin Mary. Supermarkets. Popcorn.: Photographs 1999 to 2020 is arriving at Fotografiska Berlin.

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Woman wearing a gold crown.

8 Mar 2024 — 9 Jun 2024

Shirin Neshat

The Fury

Through her stunningly stark black and white photographs and video work, Shirin Neshat's work sheds light on the lived realities of sexually exploited female political prisoners in the Republic of Iran.

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Close up of a nude female body with Iranian texts over her